Sunday, January 11, 2009

09 Anime Discussion (part 2)

Previously, we have talked about Akikan and White album. Now, 2 more anime up, Kurokami and Seto No Hanayome Jin Epi 2.

For starter: Seto Jin Epi 2

attached below are some images that i really like for epi 2

you don't really get to see this everyday do you or...

more meido
and more...

Thoughts for Epi 2: the laugh factor is very much lesser, but the amount of fanservice really went up. The new OP and ED really is good.

Now, KuroKami

In my opinion, one of the best fighting/supernatural anime I've watched till now.
For people who does not know the storyline: When someone see a exact replica of him/herself, he/she will get killed, unless he/she is the root.

/me went lazy and end post.

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