Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let us all salute for the launch of SDF-01 Today *Salute*

Was out for to celebrate the take off of SDF-01 Launch today. Attached are some photos, some very retro old stuff that i don't think you can find it anymore.

Taken by Rina (but photo used by me to seek revenge!)
Our Dear Cameraman
Amano (lip wee) and Usagi (or Unagi or Uzaki)
This was shot by me which made me felt like I'm a Paparazzi
Postcard that was given out by Terrance (Cody's Brother). Done by Collateral Damage Studio. More info go to
The Group of Macross Fans grouping to sing Runner and Macross
Discussion time
The 20 year old Pla model of Macross (the uncleaned stubs irked me loads)
Some of the Reallly old collection that you can't find almost anywhere

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