Sunday, March 8, 2009

Epi 22 Spoilers, From Scorio again /dodge flying boots

Ok here's some awesome scene from epi 22.

Used Paint to made an awesome banner... not awesome but awesome enough...

Let's see which spoiler can I throw to prevent me from getting flying boots... NONE!!

0 Gundam is back!

A-Laws is officially destroyed. Got a Coup de' tat from someone related to Sumernagi

Mr Bushido aka Graham got defeated.

The Scene:

All Gundam, beside Seravee had a weapon upgrade.

Cheribium: extra badass looking gun

00 Raiser: New Sword and some super duper long range sword that cuts 3 cruiser class ship in a karat... i mean 00 chop. Reminds you of the oddly similarity to the GN sword exclusive for Exia.

Scariest scene:

(where cloning isn't the best choice to create a unique you)

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